About LabelKing

About LabelKing...

We provide solutions, printing and producing various types of stamps, labels, including sheet labels and roll labels, and labelling machines.

We print and produce labels using a wide variety of materials (adhesive paper, plastic, PVC, void, hologram,…) and printing technologies (laser, offset, flexo, hologram, thermal transfer, …) 

Enhance the quality of your products. We understand that it takes a large amount of time and efforts to create and produce a quality product. Let us help you enhance the quality of your product even further with a great set of stamps, labels, or package.

Protect the value of your brand name. Protecting the brand name that you work hard to build from any fake or forgery attempts.

LabelKing can help you with our printing techniques and solutions which provide absolute security and safety.

We have been and are continuing to make our best efforts to develop new materials and new anti-counterfeit technologies in order to better serve your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us about any of your demands and inquiries regarding product labels! Our experienced specialists are always available to advise and help you find the most suitable and effective solutions.