Transportation Logistic Label

The LABELKING tamper-proof solutions are covering the transportation ways of air, sea and land transport & logistics, and satisfied with the high security requirements of the transportation goods on the cargo

1. By air

LABELKING is focus on the high property research and production of security labels/tapes to meet the high altitude environment. Our major customers are TNT, FEDEX, DHL and etc.


2. By sea

The ocean adverse weather conditions, high humidity atmosphere and the high temperature in the containers, all require the security labels/tapes theirselves much have a very high propertites. LABELKING provides multi solutions to make the security labels/tapes performance excellent. Our major customers are Cosco, Nippon Yusen KK, Schneider, CMA-CGM, and etc.


3. Land transportation

From north to south, east to west, the temperature difference among all of the places is very big, LABELKING utilize the special high propertity adhesive and unique security technologies to make the security labels/tapes resistant cold & hot temperature, assure that the goods safety during transportation.


4. Digitalize the management of supply chain with barcoded labels

Barcoded labels can be used to identify the respective cargos and track where they are in the supply chain. 
In warehousing and other inventory situations – at single item or pallet level – labels are key players in stock control. 
Picking: Generating pick labels, packing labels and pallet manifests ensures greater accuracy of pick operations.
Shipping: Production of shipping labels and consignment labels allows tracking of goods after they leave the warehouse.
Inventory location: Labelling every put away location with good-quality bar-code labels helps to minimise errors.
Receiving: Inbound goods require goods receipt, bulk breakdown, item labels and labels for the processing of returns.
Labels can also perform a major function in product authentication and tamper evidence – often at the leading edge of today’s security labeling technology.


5. Quality requirements

Transport and logistics labels must perform in a variety of environments to meet users’ needs as they will be applied may vary from wood to rough card, plastic, glass, and even such specific items as tires. The labels must also be able to sustain different transport and storage conditions, wet and damp in particular.

Additionally, although visual aesthetics are not normally associated with transport and logistics labeling, clear readability is essential (either by the naked eye or with scanners).