Foods & Beverage Label

For an industry in which product’s apperance has an substantial influence on level of consuming like foods and beverage, product label is an effective tool for manufacturers to advertise and bring their products closer to consumers.


1. Illustrating, providing product information.

Besides products whose package is a mean of illustrating and providing information, many food and beverage products have labels sticked on package to perform the same function. 

Adhesive PVC and paper are materials which are chosen by many manufacturers to make labels for their products, print company’s logo, as well as advertise with the most fascinating images in order to attract and persuade consumers to buy their products.

Therefore, requirements of printing technology, materials as well as quality of the adhesive glue are factors that have to be assured. LabelKing commits to bring to our customers the highest quality product labels with sharp printing images, bright colors, which are long – lasting in freeze and humid preserving condition. 


2. Import label for imported products.

Beside of product label, adhesive paper is also used to produce import label – a kind of label providing detailed information in Vietnamese about the product, which is required to stick on products imported into Vietnam. Nowadays, foods and beverage products are imported substantially and continously.

With the function of providing consumers with necessary information about imported products in Vietnamese, sublabel needs to be printed sharply and to make the information in sublabels accurate and clear.