Electronics Product Label

Nowadays, as technology is developing quickly, electronics products are becoming more and more popular. However, electronics products are of high value and their turnover for manufacturers is quite substantial compared to other products. Therefore, many problems also arise out of this kind of product and it is necessary to have the assisstance of labels. 


1. Anti – counterfeit with Security Hologram Label.

Electronics product now is the  most frequent type that is made counterfeit. Therefore, anti – counterfeit mission by certifying genuine products is a very essential one of manufacturers to protect not only consumers but also their company.

Advanced Technology Security Hologram Label is a simple but effective solution that many manufacturers choose to solve this problem. For instance, in some Anti – counterfeit Hologram Labels, consumers can see three different images on the face of these labels which manufacturers use as a sign of certifying genuine products that can be recognized by naked eyes.


2. Sign Of Committing Warranty by using Destructible Label. 

Electronics products are of high value, so manufacturers normally offer warranty policy to protect the right of consumers when they face with problems of products because of manufacturer’s faults.

Round, Eclipse, Rectangle Destructible Labels are frequently used to stick on products or parts of products as a sign of warranty commitment that manufacturers offer.

Information in Destructible Label normally are manufacturers’ logo, time and insurance period.


3. Managing products with Serial Number Barcode Stickers.

Serial Number Barcode Stickers are useful to attach codes, mark products by serial number, incorporate with printing information about products. They help not only manufacturers to manage their sold products but consumers also to give feedback about the products they bought easily.


4. Warnings and Instructions using Adhesive Label.

For large  and complicated operating electronics machine, especially in machines using substantial electrical energy, it is essential to have warnings and instructions sticked directly on the products’ surfaces.

In order to meet this need, plastic or glossy laminated paper are the most common materials to be used because of the their advantages: long-lasting, stable and enduring even in harsh conditions such as high temperature comes from operating machines.