Entrance Ticket Label

Sealing Non – Transfer Label Void Open is an advanced technology label solution for managing entrance in offices, agencies, operations,… in order to protect internal information.Tem niêm phong chống bóc.

1. Sealing Cameras.

Void Open Sealing Label is used frequently in smaller dimensions for sealing cameras’ eyes, phones, tablets, cameras,… in case that offices want to secure internal information when there are guests visiting their operating place.



2. Sealing Laptop.

In case that offices want to limit the right of using electronics devices which have functions of entering, sending, transfering data such as laptops or tablets to secure internal information, Sealing Label Void Open is a strong security solution and able to replace traditional supervision.

Sealing Security Label used for managing entrance, as other types of labels produced by LabelKing, is designed and printed according to requirements of customers. Owning advanced printing technology and printing materials, LabelKing Vietnam is capable of meeting many different specifications and needs, to ensure abslolute quality.