Pharmaceutical Medicine Label

For pharmacial medicine - a special kind of product which has directly impacts on people's health, label is a1 indispensably essential factor providing users with neccessary information about a particular product.


1. Self-adhesive paper/plastic labels providing information.

For pharmaceutical medicines, labels are compulsory factors for every available legal products on the market. Not only the name and illustrating images of the product, but also further information about origin, ingredients, preservation or contraindication... does the the labels on pharmaceuticals' package tell the consumers. In addition, labels are the first visual things of the product that help immediately gain cunsumers' trust.

Self-adhesive paper are the most widely chosen material for pharmaceutical prducts' labels because of its environmental friendliness, suitability for printing which brings high-quality images and colors.

Self-adhesive plastic paper also can be used for printing label. This material's strength is its long-lasting characteristic against external shocks in various weather conditions, which make its price higher than self-adhesive paper material.


2. Anti-counterfeiting destructible or hologram labels for authentic products.

Counterfeit medications or counterfeit pharmaceutical products are increasingly common in the market nowadays. These counterfeit medications can come in the forms of drugs that contain inappropriate amount of ingredients or ingredients not listed on the package, and many other forms.

Thus, multiple anti-counterfeit technologies have been developed to protect the quality of the pharmaceutical products and the integrity of their brand names:

Anti-counterfeting Hologram label or Destrictible label are the most popular visual solutions used for authentic pharmaceuticals since they can easily be found on the packages and recognized at once with naked eyes.

Commonly, anti-counterfeiting labels are to seal the products' packages in order to prevent fraudulent exchanging product during distribution.